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Monday, September 13, 2010

Vegas vs. L.A.

I was down in L.A. this week, and as we were driving back into Las Vegas this morning I saw a sign for a club at the Encore. Its called "Surrender":

I am sure you can see the snake and the apple. Surrender to sin, and to the devil? No thank you. When you believe that the devil exists and can see his influence in mankind, this kind of lure is not an innocuous marketing campaign, its a personal invitation from Beelzebub himself.

Yesterday I went to a Traditional Latin Mass... with Gregorian chant, sacred polyphony, incense, bells, a cadre of altar boys that executed with almost military precision - the whole nine yards. I left feeling elated, like I really had tasted Heaven, and the earth had fallen away from me. I always feel that way after a TLM. I wish we had something similar in Vegas, but as it stands we bately have a Mass celebrated without liturgical abuse.

That is one thing I love about L.A. They have a TLM! That, and my family is there. If not for the enormity of the city, the constant driving, the smog, and the traffic, I would be more amenable to moving. My family is asking that we move there, but I am torn because I enjoy my life here.

Besides, living in Sin City serves as a constant reminder that the Evil Beast wants you for his own - and you guard yourself accordingly. In some ways L.A. is more dangerous because sin is subtle and hidden. But again - they have the TLM!!  So its a tough thing to decide upon. Besides, it would all be contingent of Phillip finding a job there so for now that is the biggest obstacle.


  1. I remember that sign! Glad you are back and had a safe trip. TLM is awesome!

  2. Andrea, I miss L.A., BUT the things you mentioned - the awesome size, the traffic, the pollution - I DO NOT MISS AT ALL. However, as you know, I have family down there, as well as my brother-in-law's family, whom I got to know pretty well during my time there: 2000-2005.

    I feel that as we live in Sin City, many of those who belong to the local Catholic community have somehow satisfied themselves with less. They are not to blame. In many ways, I guess that we are lucky to have a Catholic community AT ALL in the Las Vegas Valley.

    I understand your elation, although I have never been to a TLM. I have felt similar elation, when I was privileged to hear Pope John Paul II speak, many years ago. I felt that he was speaking DIRECTLY TO ME, although in actual fact, he was addressing a MASSIVE crowd, there in the Philippines.

    God knows all, sees all, hears all, thinks all. He knows about your sincere and heartfelt efforts to be a devout Catholic and to raise your family in the faith. I know that He will bless you and yours and keep you also, no matter where you go or what you do. That thought comforts me also.

    On a secular side note, as much as I miss California personally, they are not doing so hot financially....


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