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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vatican Invites Catholic Bloggers to Rome

Very interesting, the Vatican has extended an invitation to Catholic bloggers to come to Rome for a bloggers conference. Ha! I only wish! Anyway, I am not a "serious" blogger like some of those big ones out there - American Papist, the Crescat, Acts of the Apostasy, Creative Minority Reports, etc. etc.

The conference will take place the day after the beatification of JPII, presumably taking advantage of the fact that a large number of Catholic youth will likely already be present.

Here is an article with the details.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Theology According to My Daughter

So we were watching some clips from Jesus of Nazareth and the final scene at the tomb where they came to find his body was gone because he had been resurrected. Here is how the conversation went with Ivy.

Ivy: Where's Jesus??
Me: He resurrected, so you know, he disappeared. They crucified him, and laid him in the tomb. When they came to anoint his body with spices he was gone. 
Ivy: Well, he should have disappeared before they crucified him!