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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Aborted Baby Survived

This woman is a truly amazing speaker, and what a voice for life!

Her name is Gianna Jessen, and you may have heard of her before. She was born alive after an abortion attempt. Incredible story! My favorite line from this speech is, "If you think I am a fool, it is just another jewel in my crown."

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  1. Andrea, she is truly inspired and blessed by the Trinity. She mentions the paradox of 'might vs. right' - a debate that even the greatest of philosophers and mystics could not agree on. I wholeheartedly agree with her that we learn the most from the weakest among us, for, in truth, they have had the greatest struggles, and consequently, the greatest triumphs.

    I have heard that if the life of the mother-to-be is threatened, that the doctors and nurses involved in the birth MUST sacrifice the life of the baby to save the mother, rather than risk the death of both. This is one of the most horrifying choices that ANYONE has to make.

    However, in Gianna Jensen's case, her mother's life was not at risk - it was, perhaps, the socioeconomic status that she had which made her fearful. She would be looked down upon in society - just another teenage mother who was stupid enough to have sex without 'protection' and to become pregnant.

    I'm sorry - that is NOT ENOUGH REASON to terminate a beautiful life about to begin. It's easy for me to say - I am not married, and have no children, but the children of my heart I think of constantly. Who are they? They are my nieces and nephews, some by blood, some not.

    I also think about having a family of my own someday. What must I teach them about life? I might say that life is the single greatest gift that God has bestowed upon this earth and beyond. No life begins of its own volition, but, as Miss Jensen put it, 'by the mercy of God'.


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