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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Catholics and Heretics

For Las Vegas Catholics, there is this fairly new blog called Catholics and Heretics.

They cover topics about our Diocese. I think the information in this blog will be important for informing faithful Catholics here in Vegas of what is going on in the different parishes. There are some disturbing things happening around the different churches in town, but how would we know about it, except for this blog?

I hope information continues to be posted, because it is encouraging to know we are not alone in our struggle to keep faithful to Holy Mother Church.

If any of you Vegas readers check out this new blog I hope you will pass the link along to other faithful Catholics of your acquaintance here in town. We should not be silent - we should spread the word about what is occurring so that we can do something about it (#1 - PRAY)!


  1. Hi, Andrea! I'm Vicki - I met you briefly through Teri at a Recollection for Women at St. Francis. (I'm a member of St. Francis but cantor at the Shrine which is where our family attends Mass each weekend.)

    Thank you for the link to this blog. Because I work for our diocese I have seen the heresies and problems first-hand... and at time has made me doubt my faith. Not the Truth of Our Faith, but if our diocese has been so corrupted that the evil one is winning the local war...

    So wonderful to know there are other concerned, orthodox Catholics in Las Vegas.

  2. Hi Vicki, just remember that the "gates of hell shall not prevail"! I know what you mean about wondering if the devil is winning here. I guess that is what their blog is all about!! But we should all do our part to uphold the faith, and make the effort to be on the side of God Almighty. He will prevail, but we must speak out and not keep silent when we see evil being done!


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