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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcome to The Mantilla Diaries

Hello! I don't really know what I am doing with this blog yet. I already have a daily blog called Las Vegas Mama (which you can access via my profile). Since the Las Vegas Mama site is really just for entertainment purposes I do not generally discuss my faith there.

But I take my faith very seriously. I just don't like to shout it from the rooftops.

About me...

I am a Catholic convert - I was baptized in 2006 when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I didn't know I was pregnant yet, but everyone kept saying how I was glowing - and they all thought it was due to the baptism!

My faith journey has been a long one. Too long to go into here, I would say. But I had never been baptized before, had no religion whatsoever, and was into a lot of evil things. Except back then I didn't think they were evil. I would even go as far as to say I didn't know they were evil.

If you had known me before I was interested in God, you would be shocked at my complete turnaround. I have my husband to thank for that, because it was he who catechized my while we were dating. He was God's gift to me (insert joke here about men being God's gift to women)!

And here I am now, 10 years after meeting my husband, going to church every Sunday, going to confession every other weekend, and yes - wearing a mantilla to church!

Welcome to The Mantilla Diaries.

My daughter pretending to be at Mass


  1. Hi Andrea! Great name! Haha! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading this. I'm one of "those" women who wears a mantilla too!I would love to read your conversion story if you ever feel like writing it down!

  2. Thanks for coming here and being my first follower! LOL... if you know any other Catholic moms who like to read blogs, please feel free to pass on my link. :)


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