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Saturday, October 23, 2010


I was talking to my husband Phillip about the Sacred Music Colloquim, and how I would love to go. "I would be in heaven," I said dreamily.

Phillip: Yes, you would be in heaven. (He was referring to the daily chanted Masses)
Ivy (age 3): I don't want you to go to heaven.
Me: Well, not yet.
Ivy: I want want to go to heaven.
Me (reassuringly): Well, we can go to heaven together.
Phillip (ominously): We can all go to heaven together.
Me (laughing): Here, Ivy, drink this Kool-aid.
Ivy: You know the Caf'lick Mass is Heaven?
Phillip: How did you know that?
Ivy: God told me dat, when I was sleeping.
Phillip: What else did he tell you?
Ivy: Dat my gawdian angel was coming. And then I woked up and hugged her. God sent her, because he is Chwist the Lawd.
Me: Whats your guardian angels name?
Ivy: She doesn't have a name, because she never got born.
Me: Well what name do you give her?
Ivy: Her first name is Scwumptious. Her second name is Footpwints.
Me: So her name is Scrumptious Footprints?
Ivy: Yes.

And from there she continued on with a slew of words and descriptions about St Michael, her angel, God, and who knows what else. We were surprised at her understanding about the Mass, and so thankful that God is working in her heart and mind, even at such a tender age!

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